Saturday, 6 April 2013

My Week In Pictures

 Off to the market to buy food for a sunday roast. It was my dads birthday this week so I cooked a nice meal for everyone

 It was my husbands birthday the day after my dads, and hes not a big fan of cake, but he LOVES cookies, so I got this made at Millies Cookies!Mmmmmmm
My cat Nemo has been very mischievous this week....he sneaked onto the kitchen work top and stole a piece of chicken my hubby was defrosting for lunch, and dragged into our bedroom and ate it under the bed.... then jumped out of the kitchen window and went on a little adventure outside..he is only 4 months old and the vet advised us not to let him outside until he has been "done". He looked very pleased with himself.

I tried Zumba for the first time this week! I'll be honest, I didnt fancy it, I'm not a "dancing" type of person, but I had great fun, and it was a good workout, I will definetly be going back!

The new bioshock game for xbox...I'm not a huge gamer, but I played the first Bioshock and loved it, I like the adventure/puzzle/shooting games, so I started playing this earlier this week

Needed this after a busy week working, cleaning and exercising  by Friday morning at work I could hardly stay awake! This sorted me out though

Book I am reading at the moment, of you havent seen the tv show "Game of Thrones" I really recommend it, its amazing!
Weekend breakfast :)

Got a "save the date" invite for my best friends wedding

Still freezing cold, with a little frost, took this on my way out to work at 7.15am

The Easter eggs the hubby made me :) he melted the chocolate into egg casts and everything! awww

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